Scrap My Van

Vans are versatile vehicles that allow businesses to haul cargo anywhere, but driving becomes more problematic when they reach the end of their lifespan. The van may start having problems and may require costly repairs to keep it functioning as usual. At some point, owners may ask themselves, “should I scrap my van?”

You may need some time to reflect on this question, but if you’ve decided the answer is yes, consider reaching out to us for assistance. We can help with the whole process and offer you the price you deserve. Keep on reading to find out how to get started.

How to Scrap My Van

Only licensed scrap van buyers can collect and destroy your van. Such buyers have qualified staff with years of experience, so you can trust them to provide clean, professional and efficient van disposal.

Keeping the vehicle registration number is allowed, but you’ll have to inform the DVLA first. Following the proper procedure will avoid problems later down the line.

The first step involves visiting our homepage and entering your van’s registration number. Wait just a few minutes, and you’ll receive our no-obligation quote. When you send us the number, you’re not required to provide the mileage or even possess the keys.

Your van can be an immobile wreck, and we’ll still be happy to come and help you dispose of it. Regardless of the vehicle’s condition, there are two details you’ll have to provide us with. The first is proof of ownership, as we can’t take another person’s van away without permission.

We also require all four wheels to be intact. Vans without a complete set of functioning wheels aren’t considered.

If you accept our quote, we will swiftly send out agents to your location. The vehicle is guaranteed to be removed within 24 hours, and you’re not required to be present when we take the van away.

Once your van has successfully been removed, you’ll receive a payment from us. The van will be on its way to a scrapyard for professional demolition.

Tell the DVLA

Whether you wish to keep any parts or not, you should take the necessary steps to obtain a Certificate of Demolition after approaching us. This certificate is a legal document issued by the DVLA. Getting the Certificate of Destruction is the final step of the process.

Van owners will receive the Certificate of Destruction from the DVLA within two weeks of the collection by our agents. It will also refund all leftover road tax. You will also be able to cancel your insurance policy after obtaining this document.

Standard Scrapping Procedure

Owners who don’t want to keep any parts can give us their vehicle logbook, commonly referred to as the V5C. However, keep hold of the yellow section labelled “sell, transfer, or part-exchange your vehicle to the motor trade.”

Next, inform the DVLA that your van is now with us.

Scrapping a Van with Removed Parts

The DVLA allows owners to salvage the van for parts before sending it to an authorised treatment facility. However, you must inform the organisation that you’re removing the components.

At this time, the van must be kept in a secure location and not be driven. Garages, drives, and private land are excellent storage spaces.

After the vehicle has been removed from your custody, please give us the V5C (except for the yellow section from it). Tell the DVLA that you have allowed us to scrap your van.

Scrapping a Vehicle Registered Outside of the UK

If your van is registered in another country, you must only let an authorised treatment facility scrap it. You’ll receive a Certificate of Destruction after the deed is done. However, it’s the owner’s responsibility to inform the country’s driving authorities that the vehicle has been processed.

To do so, you’ll have to visit these organisations’ websites and provide all necessary documentation.

Let Us Scrap Your Van

It’s a criminal offence to let a non-authorised party scrap your van, and unscrupulous traders may scam you. We will only provide the best services when scrapping your vehicle, and you’re guaranteed to be kept in the loop every step of the way.

Your voice matters when it comes to the scrap van quote. By providing us with all the details, we can give you the best price possible. You’ll receive your payment as soon as we remove your van.

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